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Most people visit their dentist only when a problem arises. The reality is that regularly scheduled visits with a dentist keep mouths feeling good and provides peace of mind in knowing all is well with one's teeth.

The same tends to be true with eye care as well. Pain is rarely felt in the eyes unless there has been some type of trauma or underlying condition developing undetected, so people only visit an optician when their vision starts to fail. Regular examinations are important preventive measures that allow for the monitoring and tracking of eye health.

An eye examination is not intended to merely to check the status of your vision, but it also helps to identify early indications of conditions which could affect your eyes before you are aware of them or negatively impacted by any of the symptoms accompanying glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, or even high blood pressure.

A significant number of eye conditions are treatable when discovered early enough in adults, but regular examinations for children are essential, as children rarely realise when there is anything wrong with their eyes. Children’s eye examinations are provided free-of-charge under the NHS.

Services at Colne Opticians

Colne Opticians

At Colne Opticians, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of eye care, and we are committed to providing the very best quality of service when it comes to your eyes.

We offer retinal screening free-of-charge as part of every eye examination. The detailed images of your retina allow our optometrists to look in far greater detail at the health of your inner eye.

We offer an extensive collection of spectacle frames, in a diverse range of colours and materials to suit all tastes, budgets, and lifestyles. To complement any spectacles or contact lenses, we host a varied selection of accessories to aid in their everyday use.

Contact Colne Opticians today to schedule an appointment, or call in to view our extensive frame collection. We look forward to serving all your eye care needs.

NHS Eye Examinations - FREE

You may be eligible for an NHS test test of you are:

  • - Under 16
  • - Under 19 AND in full time education
  • - Over 40 but have a family history/relative with Glaucoma
  • - Over 60
  • - In receipt of benefits (please call us to enquire about benefit entitlements)
  • - Diabetic

Private Eye Examinations £20

We will always endeavour to deliver the same first-rate eye care service whether you are a private or NHS sight test patient.

We possess the capacity to thoroughly examine the vision of the very youngest to the very oldest of patients. With Rabin Opticians, you can trust in knowing a complete and honest examination has been conducted by our optometrists. It is our highest priority to provide you with peace of mind regarding your vision and ocular health.

Digital Retinal Photography £10

A photograph of the back of your eyes enabling us to detect, monitor, and track changes in the physical structure of your eyes over time.

Contact lens appointments:

Annual Checks FREE / £20

Contact lens wearers who need annual checks for their eye health, if you purchase your lenses from us then we include this service as part of our 'Taking care of you' ethos and we do this for free, however if you chose to purchase your lenses from elsewhere but would still like us to carry out your eye checks, then a small fee of £20 will apply.

Fitting and Trial - Free

Thinking about contact lenses? why not book in for a free trial and consultation and find out more.

FREE Instruction

For new wearers who need to know how to handle, and take care of your new contact lenses.

Clinical Assessment - FREE

It is not always necessary to conduct an eye examination that results in a prescription.

If you have recently experienced the onset of red, sore, itchy eyes, sudden changes in vision, distorted vision, flashes and floaters, or a suspected infection or allergic reaction, we can advise whether medication or emergency medical attention is required.

If you are ever concerned about your vision out of our opening hours you should seek immediate Urgent Care at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital’s Emergency Eye Department (EED).

Cataract Referrals (Private and NHS)

At Rabin Opticians, we want you to be well-informed regarding your eyes and any stage of cataracts which may be present.

When cataract surgery is required, we provide the full details, from start to finish, of what a cataract operation entails to ensure your complete understanding of the procedure. You may have several choices available for the care of cataracts, and we strive to help you make the best-informed decisions possible.

We are fortunate to have private eye hospitals in our locale who also accept some NHS cataract surgery candidates. Private referrals are available for those cataract and pre-cataract candidates interested in this method of surgical visual intervention and correction.

Pre-and Post-Cataract Examinations

Pre-cataract examinations conducted by Rabin Opticians serve to ensure the suitability for surgery of both private and NHS patients.

Post-surgical examinations may also be conducted by our opticians, in lieu of patients returning to the eye hospital who performed their cataract surgery, when requirements for you to return to their facility for follow-up screenings may present a hardship.

Private Visual Fields Screening and Report £20

Our opticians can accurately measure a person’s peripheral, or side-vision, with this thorough screening to determine if pre-existing health factors such as glaucoma or events including strokes have negatively impacted your vision.

We will happily furnish a full report as requested by your general practitioner (GP).

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